Professional London Escorts Help Prevent STDs

STDs or sexually transmitted diseases are rampant across the world and many of them have shocking effects to a person’s sex life and overall health. In fact, serious STDs can result to death if left untreated for a significant amount of time. Having a sexual intercourse with someone you barely knew is taking a huge risk, but intense basic needs and burning sexual desires cannot be denied. When condom was invented, it is much easier for people to relive anxiety from having sex and worry about having STDs. In addition, those who found their selves with the needs to let of their desire to unleash the insane flame between their legs turn to escorts.

London Escorts can help you to have fun around the town and have extra wile moments indoors later in the evening. Although escorts from London are professionals in the sexual arena, you should never deny the fact that the risk if having STDs from having intercourse with them is still there. However, the risk of having STD’s from having sex with escorts is much lower than hiring the service of a prostitute. While prostitutes may offer their service at low cost the risk if having STDs is high mainly because most of them do not value the importance of regular checks and proper hygiene, although not all prostitutes do so.

Since professional escorts work for agencies around London, they value the importance of ensuring their health and the health of their clients, as well as the importance of not getting infected from having intercourse with clients. Professional London escorts insist clients to always use condoms. Sexually transmitted diseases can be acquired through oral, vaginal, and anal sex, so escorts see to it that their clients are suited up when they are ready for the action. After prolonged activity, men should change condoms. While there is no 100% guarantee that condoms can help prevent STDs, it can help reduce the risk of transmitting STDs by 88%. London Escorts also use water based lubricants that help to prevent the risk of condoms to break or to wear after prolong sex.

Shower is the most basic way to protect yourself from acquiring STD, but you often forget to do this, especially if you’re taken with your desire to have sex with an escort/prostitute. While prostitutes may go all the way with you without having a shower, escorts will insist you to do it so. Shower is extremely important for reducing the risk of contracting infections. Shower is a measure that helps to cleanse the surface of the intimate areas of your body from viruses and bacteria.

Finally, professional London escorts help to prevent STDs by getting screened regularly. It is a requirement of every escort’s agency that all women working for them are screened in regular basis. In areas where escorts service is legal, be sure that you ask for the health card if you’re hiring an independent escort. But, you may not need to do it so, if you’re hiring escorts from agencies.

So would you go for professional London escorts or prostitutes? It’s your to decide, but if you want to have fun while not worrying about having STDs, you should go for escorts around London.

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